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Download the Cyclope bike app and take part in the World Cycling Championship.

Groupe de route Bikers


The Cyclope bike tracking app makes road bike and MTB connected.

You will know the position of all the bikes around you on a 3-dimensional map.
Cyclope will give you the gaps between you and the other cyclists in real time by selecting them on the map.


This time is calculated every 10 seconds to know if you gain time or if you lose it. A blue line will appear symbolizing the distance between you two.

You will also have the speed, the distance they have traveled and the slope they are on thanks to their bike gps.​​

The bike ride on the map are classified according to the level of difficulty:

- Green for slopes between 0% and 4%.

- Blue for slopes between 4% and 9%.

- Red for slopes above 9%.

Useful when you don't know the bike route.


application Cyclope utilisée sur un vélo de route

Cyclope offers the calculation of bike ride directly from your smartphone.

In the route planner menu, define your bike ride on a map.

Cyclope calculates the bike ride with the distance, the duration of the bike trip, the elevation, and the maximum altitude through which you will pass.

Possibility to choose between a route favoring cycle paths and roads less frequented by cars, or a shortest and fastest route.

Route planner is display bike ride directly on the 3D map as a blue line.


randonnée en VTT


Cyclope integrates messaging.

You can directly send messages to a runner or to the whole group without leaving the cycling app.

Cyclists will see information directly on their screen at a glance.

If they are not on Cyclope, they will receive a notification on their smartphone with the message you sent them.

Convenient for organizing group bike rides.

But Cyclops offers even better.

Cyclope integrates a talkie allowing you to converse with several people like cycling professionals with their headset.

It will suffice to determine before departure the channel on which you want to speak.

Then you can exchange information remotely simply by voice.

You have the option to mute the microphone with a button when you have nothing more to say. You will only hear those who have their microphone active.


Cyclope records your performance on road bike and MTB.

Find all of your bike trips over the year in the form of a calendar.

By selecting a recording, the Cyclope bike app will show your route on a map.

The trace is a line of gradient colors.

- Blue symbolizes the beginning of the course.

- Purple the middle of the course.

- The red at the end of the course.

You will also be able to consult the profile of the stage as well as the statistics.

You will find the classic information such as the distance traveled, the time, the average and maximum speed, the positive and negative elevation, the maximum altitude, an average of the slope.

But also the weather.

- With min and max temperature.

- The minimum and maximum humidity percentage.

- The minimum and maximum wind speed.

Ability to share performance on social network.

A relive function will allow you to relive your bike journey in the form of a 3D video.

cyclistes en decente
compétition de cyclisme


Come and take part in the World Cycling Championship.

Each week, compete against cyclists to win one of 3 distinctive jerseys.

White jersey with red dots, best climber.

Green jersey, best rider.

Yellow jersey, the most complete runner.


Your ranking will allow you to earn points for the World Championship.


At the end of each month, the best will win the title of World Champion.

Will it be you?

Bike tracking & safety

If you ride alone, no worries.

Cyclope has a bike tracking function.

By going to the friends list, your loved ones will see a bike tracking button appear if you are cycling.

By tapping on it, a map will appear indicating where you are.

Your 3D character will move in real time allowing you to track your progress.

To reassure your loved ones even better, Cyclope has a fall detector.

If you fall, Cyclops will send a message to all your friends. They will then be able to consult your position thanks to the bike tracking function and send a message by messaging to find out how you are doing.

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